Nerd Girl Memories: Girls Don’t Play Games

Nerd Girl Memories: Girls Don’t Play Games

I recently recalled something that happened to me in my teen years, it’s one of those things that has the ability to still annoy me to this day. There is just so much stupid involved.

Back when I was about fifteen-years-old I would hang out with a group of friends, mostly guys, and one other girl. There was one place that we frequented, an arcade/ice cream stand. We often met up after school, tried to beat each others scores, goofed around, and just had some fun. One day that all came to an end, for one of the most ridiculous reasons that I’ve ever heard.

My female friend, and myself, were suddenly asked by the owner to leave, and never come back. We were confused, and asked him why. I mean, we were regular customers, spending our money there, and so on. His response? “My customers think it’s unusual that girls hang out here, and they keep asking me if you’re prostitutes. I can’t have this kind of thing happening in my business.” Basically, it sounded like we were upsetting the family friendly atmosphere by hanging out, and doing stuff that apparently only boys are allowed to do. We were shocked, angry, and probably yelled a few obscenities at him, then we left. We were followed by our guy friends, who told him that they would not be back either.

Honestly, his excuse always seemed off to me. I find it hard to believe that his customers thought we were prostitutes. Seriously, who in their right mind would see two girls playing arcade games, and automatically assume, “They must be prostitutes!”? Even back then, when it was a somewhat rare sight to see girls playing games, there would still be no reason for anyone to jump to such a ridiculous conclusion. Prostitutes…REALLY?!

Have you ever had something odd happen to you? Tell us your stories!

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