Nerd Night Out: eBash Pop Con Event

Nerd Night Out: eBash Pop Con Event

Friday night we braved the snow and headed out for a meet up with some of our fellow geeks and nerds.

That meet up was brought to us by Indy Pop Con, a new geek pop culture convention coming to Indianapolis next year, and it was held at a video game center.

Friday night was tons of fun, but of course the ‘Awkward Geeks’, were socially awkward (as usual), we still somehow managed to say hi to folks. Mostly thanks to Tony, over on Geeking in Indiana, that guy is a social butterfly.

The night consisted of Indy Pop Con updating us a bit on what’s happening with the convention, and telling us about one of their new guests, Bad Luck Brian! We learned about a new game for PCs that will be coming out next year, Weirspace, a sci-fi game.

There was also gaming to be had! We checked out the PlayStation 4, and the XBox One, played some Starwhal: Just the Tip on the PC, which was tons of fun. We also learned about Rather Dashing Games, we do love TableTop gaming!

At some point I started exploring the establishment, and discovered they had a little cinema. So I sat down in a comfy recliner to unwind for a bit, and watched some Avengers.

We even picked up some free comics, thanks to I love comics, so I kind of wanted to take them all.


By the end of the night Indy Pop Con had met their kickstarter goal! You can still donate, it’s a great way to get your passes, and some neat extras.

This all had me thinking, where, and how, do you meet fellow geeks? Do you have gaming nights, or other kinds of meetups?

(featured image at top of page is from Indy Pop Con…cause I’m lame and forgot to take pictures)

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