Nerd Rant: The GIF Drama

To me Jif is peanut butter, also an old format. Just sayin.

Nerd Rant: The GIF Drama

This isn’t about the correct pronunciation of GIF, it’s about people taking it way too seriously, which caused a small incident on our facebook page, that also spilled over onto my personal facebook.

I have always pronounced “GIF” with a hard G, and Ken pronounces it with the soft G. We have playfully teased each other about it, but it’s never been a big deal, it’s just not a real issue.

Here’s one example of how we joke about it. I purposely tweeted this out from the Awkward Geeks twitter, when Ken was at work…

GIF tweet

Ken immediately countered by logging into our account (when he should have been working *ahem*), and tweeted this…

JIF tweet

I also posted something on our facebook page. It was my way of poking some fun at such a silly topic being a big debate. Also, I was a bit curious to see if more people were on ‘my side’, or Ken’s. Anyone who follows us, and reads our stuff, has probably figured out not to take things we say too seriously. So it should go without saying that anyone who actually *knows* us shouldn’t read too much into things, like this status:

GIF facebook

Based on a few ‘likes’, and comments, I got the impression people understood this was not meant as a debate, just some fun. And of course Ken had to speak up to correct me on the pronunciation. Then we got a comment that I didn’t understand, it was from, Clint, someone I’ve known (online) for quiet a few years. It read:

“So by that rationale giraffe should be pronounced “guy-raf”? #You’reWrong”

This seemed like an odd argument. I was wondering if, by his logic, that meant the word ‘gift’ should be pronounced with a soft ‘G’. Because, reasons? So I asked what was meant by that comment, he went into an explanation about acronyms. Mostly saying what Ken already did, but with more words, seriousness, and a mistake. I already knew about acronyms, but still wanted to know what it had to do with the pronunciation of giraffe. Then he repeated what he already said, and compared us to “uncultured philistines”. For the record, Clint likes to seriously debate things, and nerd rage over stuff. It’s annoying.

Since he was taking it way too seriously, and stooped to insults, I decided to just delete his comments. Of course he says it was deleted because he proved that we were wrong. Somehow he was overlooking the fact that part of Awkward Geeks (Ken) pronounces it the same way he does, and already ‘corrected’ me. The difference was, Ken did it without coming across as serious, or insulting. Oh, and Ken knows the difference between a soft ‘G’, and a hard ‘G’. Clint on the other hand…

I would have excused it as a mistake had he not said it 2x on our page, then again on his personal page. Clint, who was getting upset with me, kept saying GIF was pronounced with a hard ‘G’ (when he clearly meant soft). So this just amused me even more, because it means he was agreeing with me, he just didn’t realize it. Some advice: Before you go around acting like an arrogant jerk, and correcting other people, you might want to make sure you’re getting all your facts right. Actually, even if you do have your facts right, don’t be an arrogant jerk. 

In the end all I have to say is, that Jif of yours will taste good on bread with some marshmallow fluff. Mmm. Fluffernutter.

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