Nerd Rant: When Being a Geek is Not Cool

Geeks: Often misunderstood.

Nerd Rant: When Being a Geek is Not Cool

I recently wrote a post about how the word “geek” is now used to describe any kind of obsession, even the non geeky ones. I also touched upon how being a geek is a bit more socially acceptable these days, but there’s still some negativity towards us.

There are quite a few geeks, and nerds who are still very misunderstood. If you play D&D, there are people out there who will assume you’re a loser who lives in your parents basement.

Are you an adult who’s into comics, collecting figures, and playing video games? Well, those are for kids. Didn’t you know that? You’re clearly an immature freak.

Is your house decorated in geeky things? I know ours is, for example we have a Doctor Who poster above the fireplace, plus a lightsaber, and some figures on the mantle. This would probably be one of the first things you would notice if you were to visit our home. “Normal” people come in and see this and they think we’re weird, evidently because we don’t have “mature, adult” decorations.

The fact that so-called normal people view our style of decorating the house as childish is one of many reasons why I have no desire to socialize with people who don’t share my interests. They simply don’t get it, and and look down on me.

One time at the grocery store the cashier noticed my t-shirt, and Ken’s, he asked what they were. I was wearing one of my World of Warcraft tees, and Ken had on some other geeky tee. I explained to the cashier what they were. Then he started rambling about the “weirdos” who cosplay, and go to conventions like GenCon (which is local for us). I somehow managed to keep my cool.

Fairly recently one of my (adult, male) friends posted something on facebook about watching Buffy the Vampire Slayer, and a friend of his commented, “Are you a 13 year old girl?”. *headdesk*

At least being into computers and science seems more acceptable these days. I was picked on for liking that stuff when I was a kid. I was also picked on for liking Doctor Who, and now that show is pretty much mainstream. It’s kind of weird when I think about it.


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