Nerd Rant: Words

Nerd Rant: Words

What is up with people complaining when a new word is added to the dictionary?

Ok let me back up here. Recently the word ‘Twerking’ was added to the dictionary. This seems to upset some people. What I can’t figure is why? This word, which came into being a few years or so ago, refers to a certain dance move type thing. Google it if you want to know, I’m not going to get into it here because ultimately it’s not relevant. It’s just a word, and it has a definition. So why would that word be somehow barred from the dictionary?

The only thing I can figure, is that people can’t believe a ‘made up word’ is let into the dictionary. I’ve got news for you. Are you ready? Are you sitting down? Ok, here goes.


Yes, that’s right, every single word in the entirety of human language was just made up. At one point, that thing you’re sitting in right now, there was no word for that. Someone made it up. And then it caught on, and more people used that word to describe the thing they sit on. That word came to have a meaning.

Then someone decided there should be a book of all the made up words, and what all those made up words mean. That person made up a word for that book, and that word is dictionary.


And so, a dictionary is just a made up book filled with made up words, with made up definitions for those words.

In other words, if you’re upset about a new word being added to the dictionary… get over it.

You’re welcome.

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