Netflix cancels Qwikster (Flixster is likely happy)

Just noticed over at Engadget that Netflix has reversed it’s decision to seperate out it’s DVD rental service into the company Qwikster. Qwikster is dead.

When Qwikster was first announced, I actually thought it was kind of a good idea. The new company looked like it was basically set up to take the declining DVD rentals, tuck them into the corner where they could slowly die, and let Netflix proper focus solely on building it’s streaming service. DVD’s are gonna go away anyways eventually, cut that bit out now and put your energy into the part that will grow and make more money.

Sounds great from a business perspective. Not so great from the user perspective however. My thoughts and such after the break.

The Brads - How Netflix is Getting Easier

This about sums up the issue.

Suddenly, instead of one nice orderly queue for all your streaming and by-mail rentals, users would have had to manage accounts on two seperate sites. That’s just an added hassle that’s not needed.

Now none of this affects the pricing change from a couple of months back. Streaming and DVD rental will still cost $15.98 and up for both.

Personally, I would pay that for just the streaming service. I’m currently only on the streaming service, and I use the crap out of that thing. Granted the selection of movies is not the best, I’m typically watching tv shows on there. With more Discovery channel programming being added on top of everything else, I’ve actually gotten to the point of cutting the cord and shutting off cable tv.

In the end, it’s probably for the best that Qwikster got canned. Makes things easier on the user, and right now Netflix really needs to keep their users happy if they want to grow that streaming service.

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