New PC Build Part 1 – The Case

I love to build my computers. Before now I’ve built two, one for myself and one for my girlfriend. Seeing that my own machine was coming up on six years old, I’d started thinking about a replacement. Then my video card died, and well, hey perfect excuse right? I went up to Fry’s to grab a replacement to hold me over, which I would then move over to the new build, and also grabbed my new case while I was there. Everything else I’ve ordered off of Newegg.

This post is going to be mainly about the case I picked out. Having researched around a bit, I settled on the Cooler Master CM690 II Advanced. I’ll tell you right off the bat, I love this case! It’s got to be the easiest time I’ve had routing cables, and also the cleanest looking interior I’ve had because of it.

The motherboard tray is lifted off the back panel quite a bit, and with plenty of holes around it, leaves lots of space to route the cables and keep them nicely hidden and out of the way.

I’m liking how the PSU’s are being kept at the bottom of the case more these days. This case is designed to have the PSU fan on the bottom, sucking up air from the gap between the bottom of the case and the floor. While it’s a decently sized gap, I wouldn’t put the machine down on carpet like that.

SSD tray with 5 HDD trays

The hard drive trays are nicely toolless, as are the 5-1/4 inch drive bays. The SSD tray is also a nice touch, though I did have to screw that in to keep it in place.

Apparently there is room up top for a water cooling radiator set-up, though I’ve never done a water cooled system so I didn’t mess with that too much. The case comes with three fans, with room for four more (or three if you get the windowed version). I’ve never seen a fan behind the motherboard before. While I didn’t install one there, I wonder how much that would affect CPU temps.

The fans run very quietly. I really like having large slower moving fans. Two 140mm’s and one 120mm fans can push the air needed without making a huge racket. With all the cables tucked out of the way, airflow looks very good.

The exposed drive bay at the top is pretty cool. I don’t have a lot of bare drives laying around, but I can certainly see how that could come in handy. In fact, I think I left some files on my old machine, so I may just pop it’s HDD into that spot to pull them off.

Overall I’m very happy with this case. It’s nice and roomy, has features that makes a build much easier and includes many options for whatever type of system you’re building. I would definitely build a system with this case again.








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