Nicholas Brendon Confirmed for Indy PopCon!

Nicholas Brendon Confirmed for Indy PopCon!

I have my fandoms, I have a lot of fandoms actually, and I’m a huge fan of pretty much everything Joss Whedon. First thing I fell in love from him was Buffy the Vampire Slayer, which gave me one of my favorite characters, Xander.

So with that in mind I might be fan-girling a bit, having just found out, for a fact, that Nicolas Brendon will be at Indy PopCon this year. He was one of the first celebrities who popped in my head when this convention was announced. Nick always seems so welcoming, and sweet with his fans, which makes me admire him even more.

His penis may have diseases from a Chumash Tribe, but I still love him.

*snoopy dance*

And in case you missed it, Indy PopCon also recently announced Sylvester McCoy, who also happens to be a part of some of my other favorite fandoms (seeing as he’s the 7th Doctor and Radagast the Brown!).

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