Ok, so maybe I’m way off base, but this is the first 3D phone I’ve ever seen. Say hi to the upcoming HTC EVO 3D. Yes, I’m especially interested because it’s an HTC EVO, of which I have the original. I likely won’t be getting this new one, simply because, well, money. I am not…

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New TV Time!

New TV Time!

Recently I had decided that my old 720p DLP was looking a bit long in the tooth, and started looking to replace it. Much time has been spent on avsforum.com, doing research reading opinions and such. I quickly took to Plasmas as a preferred display tech over LCD. I’ve always heard that Plasma has superior color accuracy and picture quality. While I understand that the top end LCD’s can match them, with my fairly dark living room, and limited funds I focused my search on to the Plasma side of things. I’ve also always tended to stick with Samsung for my displays, for one reason or another. I’ve never seemed to have an issue with them, so why mess with a good thing. Their Plasmas have also been getting good reviews and buzz lately.

In the end, the decision came down to two models, the PN59D550, and the PN51D7000, which were the same price. From what I could tell, the 7000 has the Samsung apps, and a Real Black Filter as the main differences over the 550. Apps is something I just don’t care about, I’ve got that functionality from my PS3 and PC, so it just wasn’t worth it, plus I wanted that extra screen space on the 550. So I am now the proud owner of a 59″ Samsung Plasma.

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Geek Toy of the Week 2: This should be obvious…

With Wednesday’s announcement, this week’s Geek Toy is pretty obvious. Though I have to say, while I would love to have one of these, it’s not worth the money to me in the slightest. The iPad really is a toy, more than anything. It’s a content consumption device at it’s core, and for someone like me who…

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Geek Toy of the Week 1: NoteSlate

Check out this little beauty. It’s called NoteSlate. It’s an e-paper tablet, perfect for notes, sketches, stuff like that. I can totally see myself carrying this around, getting an idea for a website and I just start sketching it out. “But Ken! There’s this thing called paper, and you can do that already! Dumbass!” Hey,…

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Droid X Rooted…Sky, still blue.

Yeah, it was bound to happen of course. You crazy hackers, able to get around anything. Here’s the link to Engadget. Though I would be shocked if you don’t go to Engadget well before you’ve ever come here. Also, apparently what was being reported regarding the Droid X’s efuse was a bit inaccurate. It won’t…

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This Droid will self-destruct in 5…4…3…

Droid Eye

It’s watching you, waiting…

So it’s Droid X launch day, yay happy times right? Well maybe not if you’re the type of person that likes to root your phone and really get in there and muck about with stuff. According to an article on MobileCrunch, the Droid X actually freaking bricks itself if you try to root it!


This is me, at a loss for words, flabbergasted you might say, at the sheer moronic thought process that must be floating around over at Motorola. So you guys are telling me, that if I buy this device, if I shell out 200 bucks, or worst, whatever the price is to buy it without contract, you’re going to more or less destroy my phone if I try to use it how I feel fit? Are you trying to piss people off?!

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