People at the Movies

Sometimes people surprise me.

People at the Movies

Whenever we set foot in a movie theater we always find out that our movie neighbors are extremely inconsiderate. Which causes me to throw chewed up gum at them hoping it will stick to their clothes or hair. What, like I’m the only one who does that?

It’s always the same; We head out opening weekend to see a movie we’ve been excited about, only to spend most of the movie extremely annoyed by a vast majority of our movie neighbors. Kids screaming & playing as the parents do nothing to stop them, people chatting loudly, our chairs getting kicked constantly from behind, at least half the people around us messing with their phones. You get the idea.

Anyway, I’m not actually here to complain about that, just bringing it up so you can understand my amazement by what happened at the movies last night.

We went to the Star Trek: TNG The Best of Both Worlds event, and the theater was packed. I fully expected loudness, and annoyances. Mainly because I figured everyone there had already seen these episodes a million times, so they would probably act like they were sitting in the middle of their living room, and be completely obnoxious. But guess what…This was the most well behaved crowd I have ever had the pleasure of sitting in a movie theater with.

It weirded me out so much that at one point I wondered if we were the ones being annoying this time. You know, like if you don’t know who the crazy person is on the bus, it’s probably you. But nope, we were being quiet, and just enjoying the show.

All my movie theater experiences need to be this good.

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