Pet Peeve Time

Today’s pet peeve: Girls who only take pictures of themselves from above, with their head is usually tilted. If they were guilty of doing this only a couple of times I would barely notice. Heck, I’ve done it, usually to show my favorite cute cap, or my new hair color. But I have been on sites where girls have, literally, 100s of pictures of themselves all taken the same way, from an unnatural angle. Another theme common among those pictures is that they are usually heavily altered/photshopped, The worst is when it’s an older woman, and she is trying to be cutesy, and attempting to hide her wrinkles trough the power of photoshop.

This is clearly not what these girls really look like. So a warning for anyone who starts chatting these girls up online and wants to meet them: They are not walking around with permanent sexy pout, their eyes are not that big and dreamy, and their skin is probably blotchy & leathery.

So anyway, here are some awesome examples of what I’m talking about…

This is clearly my good side, that is why a majority of my pictures will look like this. Oh, you want me to add variety to my pictures? OK, here you go…

I’m sad and pouty, but still cute, right?

I’m just so kissable. I prove this by showing you my duckface, also, my eyes are naturally this wide.
And see? I can add variety to my pics. Those pictures were nothing alike.

Just sitting here casually contemplating the meaning of life. I wasn’t even aware that I was taking my own picture!

Dramatic B&W close up, because I’m deep and artsy, and stuff like that.

This is how I always look, it’s completely natural. Not photoshopped, and I’m not even wearing any make up! Anyone who says different is just a hater! Also…CLEAVAGE!

Reality check:

I wish my friend didn’t post and tag me in that pic. I was sick and having a bad day. Plus this was taken from a bad angle. I look nothing like this at all!

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