Pilot Rewatch: Charmed

The power of three.

Pilot Rewatch: Charmed

Charmed – Something Wicca This Way Comes

This series is about three sisters, who at the start have no clue that they are powerful witches. They soon discover their secret, and become ‘The Charmed Ones”.

It’s been a long time since I really sat down and watched some Charmed, but talks that there could be a possible reboot of the series made me want to go back and rewatch the pilot episode.

Season 1, Episode 1 – Original air date: 10/7/1998

Not a Charmed one. Clearly…Cause she’s a blonde.

The pilot opens with a witch who seems to be chanting a protection spell. I guess it didn’t work. Someone, who she apparently knows, but we don’t see their face, stabs her. 


Grams house!

After that we meet Piper and Prue, quickly learning that Prue is the uptight sister, Piper is the sweet sister, and in their chat we hear about Phoebe, who is apparently the bad seed out of the three sisters, and is the only one (currently) not living in their grandmothers old house.


Morris can be derpy.

One thing I found particularly annoying, is when Morris doesn’t want to say the women being murdered are witches, and insists the murderer is simply killing “women”. Meaning it could be any random woman, as if there’s no connection. When it’s clear that the cases they have been working on, the woman are practicing wiccans. Which is a real thing. Why would a detective overlook something so obvious? I guess this is to establish that he’s closed minded, but his partner, Andy, is open minded. Still, it seemed like an unnecessary, and stupid, way to make that point.


Phoebe finds the Book of Shadows.

Later Prue is surprised to find that Phoebe will be their new roomate, a secret that Piper decided to keep from her until the last possible moment. Phoebe and Piper are messing around with their old spirit board, it spells out ‘attic’, a door they have been unable to unlock. Phoebe heads up there to explore, and the door opens. She finds the Book of Shadows, and recites the first incantation she sees. A spell to give the sisters their powers back.

The next day the sisters start to, accidentally (and in Prues case, unkowingly), exhibit their powers. Phoebe of course is happily accepting of it, and once Prue realizes she can move things with her mind, she gets a little upset by it. If I was her, I’d probably have been a lot more freaked out…Then awed. Overall the sisters are pretty accepting of the fact they are witches.

The rest of the episode is about them defeating the bad guy, with their new found powers, and becoming closer as sisters again.


Did they ever notice that the picture changed?

My Thoughts:

There are times the show can be cheesy, but overall I do like it. After all, I did watch it for all those years, and am still surprised that it managed to last for 8 seasons. I definitely missed Piper once she was gone from the show, and I remember wondering how they would handle the whole angle that there has to be a “power of three” thing. They actually did it in a way to make sense, but still…Well. It worked, I guess that’s all that matters.

I remember when the show first premiered, I was pretty excited for it because there were not many shows on TV at the time with this kind of supernatural theme, other than Buffy, which had premiered the year before.

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