Pilot Rewatch: Doctor Who (2005)

Lots of planets have a North!

Pilot Rewatch: Doctor Who (2005)

Doctor Who – Rose

I was going to go way back to the original, but decided to do this ‘Pilot Rewatch’ on the ‘new’ series of Doctor Who instead, because I figure it’s the one more people are familiar with. But I still plan on going back and watching the very first episode of ‘classic’ Who (I have it on DVD).

Season 1, Episode 1 – Original Air Date:  3/17/2006

If you’re a fan of the show (it seems like almost everyone is these days), you won’t need me to do a recap. I’m just going to talk about a few things.

The first person we meet in this episode is Rose Tyler, a shop girl. We quickly learn that she lives with her mum, is dating a goofy guy, and has your average, uneventful life. Until…

Weirdness at the shop that Rose works at; Mannequins, which (in my opinion) are creepy enough, but when they start moving by themselves, it’s time to…well…

rose run doctor


There he is, our first look at the ninth incarnation of The Doctor. Not as flashy as previous incarnations, instead he dresses down. I loved his look, no more clownish attire, or crazy hair, instead he look kind of badass. Don’t get me wrong, I loved the previous Doctors, and their looks, to bits (most of them, anyway). This was just a nice, refreshing, change.

The next day, after it seems Rose and the Doctor have gone their separate ways, he tracks a signal to Rose’s flat (coming from an arm of one of the mannequins that she accidentally took home with her), which leads to one of my favorite scenes from “Rose”:

Jackie Tyler: “I’m in my dressing gown.” The Doctor: “Yes. You are.” Jackie: “There’s a strange man in my bedroom” (technically he was standing outside of her room). The Doctor, casually: “Yes. There is.” Jackie: “Where anything can happen.” The Doctor: (shakes head) “No.” then walks away.

To sum up the rest of the episode; Rose looks into who the Doctor is, the Living Plastic wants to take over the world, but of course they are stopped. Mostly thanks to Rose’s help. By the end the Doctor asks Rose to travel with him, she initially (clearly reluctantly) refuses, but accepts when he offers again (mentioning they can travel in time, as well as space). And who wouldn’t want to travel with the Doctor? I’m still waiting for him to come for me.

My Thoughts:

When I was younger I was a huge Doctor Who fan, and as with most Americans (of a certain age), my first Doctor was the 4th. I remember how bummed out I was when the series stopped airing here in the states (even before it was cancelled in the UK). I remember getting a small glimmer of hope for the series coming back when the 8th Doctor movie came out, sadly that hope was dashed (BTW, I LOVE the 8th Doctor).

Then one day, as I was reading the TV Guide, they mentioned that the cult classic was going to come back! Not surprisingly, I was super excited.

This episode does a nice job of setting up who everyone is, their personalities, etc. Rose is spunky, curious, and can be clever (at times), and the Doctor comes across as somewhat easy going, and a bit crass. Jackie is, well…Jackie (I love her character), and I’m just glad that Mickey was able to develop further over time, because he was…well…Not very like-able (IMO) in this episode.

The 9th Doctor, and Rose, brought back my love of Doctor Who. A show I had missed for far too long.

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