Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go

Four years ago we talked about our love for Ingress, then two years ago we talked about how cool Google Maps Pokemon would be as a real thing, not just for April Fools. We said we wanted it to be more like Ingress. Now we have it… Pokemon Go!

With anything “new” there are always a group of naysayers. I have read multiple articles that talk about a lot of negatives with the game. Some of it is flat our false, misinformation to back up their misguided hatred of an innocent game. Some of it is exaggerated truth, maybe a person stupidly walked into traffic to catch a pokemon. While that is an issue, it does not in anyway describe everyone who plays the game. Some people are just idiots, this game didn’t turn them into one. One article warning parents about the game actually claimed kids are climbing buildings to get to the Pokemon on top (no. they are not).

Pokemon Go has brought people together, motivated people who normally don’t get out and about to go outside and walk around. At least one animal shelter has asked people to volunteer to walk shelter dogs as they are out catching Pokemon.

There are millions of people playing this game, some who have never played Pokemon in their lives, and most of us are having fun, aware of our surroundings, getting some exercise, and even socializing. Don’t let the negative people get to you, they are clearly bitter and don’t like other people enjoying themselves.

There are also a lot of people complaining about where pokestops and gyms are. For about 4 or 5 years now those places have been portals in Ingress (most of them were user submitted), with people visiting them everyday to hack them (especially in more populated areas). Just not as many people. That is where Pokemon Go, also by Niantic, got their map from.

Even thought I have not witnessed these things being a problem, here are a couple of obvious tips to follow while playing the game:
ALWAYS be aware of your surrounds.
DO NOT trespass on private property. No one wants you in their yard.
Don’t be stupid.
Use common sense.
Do not download the game from a 3rd party site.

Please note that you do not have to be right on top of a gym or a pokestop to access it. I have noticed some people who walk right up to a pokestop, or go inside (no matter where it may be) to get their goodies. You can be in a decent spot on the sidewalk, and even sometimes across the street, to access them. No need to go inside, or block doors, etc.