Reading: WarCraft – War of the Ancients (trilogy)

Reading: WarCraft – War of the Ancients (trilogy)

We’re big Warcraft fans, and have been playing the games all the way from Orcs & Humans, through World of Warcraft.

One of the things we love about this world is they have developed a complex, and interesting history. There’s so much lore, you can even get some of it in the games, that is if you take the time to read ‘books’ that you can find all around Azeroth.

Of course one of the best ways to get the lore, learning all about the back stories, is with real life books & graphic novels. So it’s a good thing that, not only do we love the world of Azeroth, but we also love to read.

Currently we’re going back to the War of the Ancients trilogy, I’m just about to finish up the first book, and start delving into the second one.

The Well of Eternity (Book One)

Many months have passed since the cataclysmic Battle of Mount Hyjal, where the demonic Burning Legion was banished from Azeroth forever. But now, a mysterious energy rift within the mountains of Kalimdor propels three former warriors into the distant past — a time long before orcs, humans or even high elves roamed the land. A time when the Dark Titan Sargeras, and his demon pawns persuaded Queen Azshara and her Highborne to cleanse Azeroth of its lesser races. A time when the Dragon Aspects were at the height of their power — unaware that one of their own would soon usher in an age of darkness that would engulf the world of…WarCraft.

In the first chapter of this epic trilogy, the outcome of the historic War of the Ancients is forever altered by the arrival of three time-lost heroes: Krasus, the dragon mage whose great power and memories of the ancient conflict have inexplicably diminished; the human wizard Rhonin, whose thoughts are divided between his family and the seductive source of his now-growing power; and Broxigar, a weathered orc veteran who seeks a glorious death in combat. But unless these unlikely allies can convince the demigod, Cenarius, and the untrusting night elves of their queen’s treachery, the burning Legion’s gateway into Azeroth will open anew. And this time — the struggles of the past may well spill over into the future…

The Demon Soul (Book Two)

Led by the mighty Archimonde, scores of demonic soldiers now march across the lands of Kalimdor, leaving a trail of death and devastation in their wake. At the heart of the fiery invasion stands the mystic Well of Eternity — once the source of the night elves’ arcane power. But now the Well’s energies have been defiled and twisted, for Queen Azshara and her Highborne will stop at nothing to commune with their newfound god: the fiery Lord of the Burning Legion…Sargeras.

The night elf defenders, led by the young druid, Malfurion Stormrage, and the wizard, Krasus, fight a desperate battle to hold back the Legion’s terrible onslaught. Though only embers of hope remain, an ancient power has risen to aid the world in its darkest hour. The dragons — led by the powerful Aspect, Neltharion — have forged a weapon of incalculable power: the Dragon Soul, an artifact capable of driving the Legion from the world forever. But its use may cost far more than any could have foreseen.

The Sundering (Book Three)

The hour of wrath draws near…
The valiant night elves have been shattered by the loss of their beloved general. The black dragon, Neltharion, has claimed the Demon Soul and scattered the mighty dragonflights to the winds. Above all, the demonlord, Archimonde, has led the Burning Legion to the very brink of victory over Kalimdor. As the land and its denizens reel from this unstoppable evil, a terror beyond all reckoning draws ever nearer from the Well of Eternity’s depths…

In the final, apocalyptic chapter of this epic trilogy, the dragon-mage Krasus and the young druid Malfurion must risk everything to save Azeroth from utter destruction. Banding together the dwarves, tauren and furbolg races, the heroes hope to spark an alliance to stand against the might of the Burning Legion. For if the Demon Soul should fall into the Legion’s hands, all hope for the world will be lost. This then, is the hour…where past and future collide!


I’ve been enjoying the story so far, and can’t wait until I finish the other books in the series. While we’re familiar with the lore, we haven’t read many of the older books. If you’re a Warcraft fan, who has read the old stories, we would love it if you could recommend your favorite books to us. What should we read next? And let us know what kind of books you’re currently reading!

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