Rebooting ReBoot

Rebooting ReBoot

Rainmaker Entertainment had a recent press release that revealed their plans to remake the 90s CGI cartoon, ReBoot. At that time they didn’t reveal much info, and it had a lot of fans speculating.

From the original press release it was made obvious the show would not be a continuation, having worded it as, “an all-new version of the popular ReBoot franchise”.

Now in recent news, Rainmaker Entertainment president Michael Hefferon, reveals a few details on the relaunch. Stating that “The new ReBoot won’t be quiet as fans remember.”

He pointed out that the world of technology has changed drastically since the show first premiered almost 20 years ago. A lot of the names and subjects from the old series, will more than likely not be something relateable to the newer generation. This makes sense, and was something I was wondering about myself. I’m a huge fan of the old series, but even I know that same format might not work these days. Except for us old fans, of course. They want to, and need to, bring a whole new audience into the series, and hopefully be able to keep the old one as well.

They will be upgrading ReBoot for a new generation, this means the old character we knew and loved will no longer be featured players in the series, and it may even be set in a place that is not Mainframe. But Hefferon did say that a mixture of the old and new is the most likely outcome. This means that we could possibly see some fun cameos of our old favorites.

I’m actually looking forward to seeing what they do with the new ReBoot. Of course I would still love to see the original series wrapped up, after that cliffhanger we were left with. Maybe it could be a web series? That would be kind of awesome.


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