Caffeine Fix: Red Bull Editions Review

Wings for every taste.

Caffeine Fix: Red Bull Editions Review

These ‘Red Bull Editions‘ grabbed our attention right away because, well…Red Bull, with different flavors. I’m not sure if they’re limited editions, or if Red Bull decided they want to add a little variety. Either way, I just knew I had to try them. The next logical thing was to do a Red Bull Editions Review…

Red Bull: The Blue Edition

Blueberry – I shared it with Ken and Amanda. Amanda simply said she liked it. Ken, who was pretty much passed out on the couch, took a sip, made a weird face, responded with, “Urg!” and pushed the can back at me. For some reason, that I can’t explain, I suspect he didn’t like it. I thought it was pretty good, both me and Amanda would drink it again. The color was kind of a purply-blue. It was sweet, and tasted like fizzy blueberries (or kinda like them, anyway).

My rating: 7

Red Bull: The Silver Edition

Lime – I suspected that if Ken were to like any of them this would be the one. So I couldn’t wait for him to try it. He took a sip, frowned and said, “Blerg”. I think my initial assessment may have been wrong, because I now suspect that he didn’t like it. Amanda liked it, and said it reminded her of the Full Metal Alchemist energy drink she used to buy at Hot Topic. It had a refreshing citrus flavor, something I always enjoy.

My rating: 7.5

Red Bull: The Red Edition

Cranberry – For some reason I feel like this should have been released as a seasonal item around the winter holidays (even though I know cranberry isn’t JUST associated with the holidays, but still…). I decided to use this as a mid-day pick me up, so I don’t have any other opinions on it, but I’ll guess Ken’s would be something like, “Urg!”. It was a little tart and sweet. It had a very subtle artificial almost cranberry(ish) flavor, that sometimes didn’t even seem to be there. I thought it was OK, worth trying, but not sure I’ll get it again.

My rating: 6

Red Bull Limited Editions Review Red Bull Editions

Red Bull: The Red Edition – Cranberry

Just in case these are Red Bull Limited Edition flavors I would suggest trying them before they disappear, especially if you already love Red Bull and want to taste the difference. On a side note, I love the packaging of these. I’m really into packaging design, I’m weird like that.

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