Riddick Rule the Dark Review (Spoiler Free)

Riddick Rule the Dark Review (Spoiler Free)

We recently rewatched the other Riddick movies, so of course we had to head out to theaters to see the new one.

Riddick is stranded, and left for dead, on a deserted planet that he was lead to believe would be his home world. In the first part of the movie he tries to recover from his injuries, and survive on a planet where all the creatures who inhabit it see him as food.

Eventually Riddick needs a lift off the planet, so he activates an emergency beacon, which brings two groups of mercs who want to capture him. One team wants him dead (the reward is more money if he’s not alive), and the other team wants to catch him alive.

Of course, this is where more of the fun begins as Riddick starts messing with the mercs, and killing some off when needed.

I won’t go into more detail, as I don’t want to spoil anything. Basically it becomes a battle between Riddick, and the Mercs for power. But Riddick knows something they don’t, the rain is coming, and it’s bringing something with it.

Final Thoughts:

Riddick Rule the Dark took the budget they had and did a pretty good job making a fun, action packed movie. I also love the fact that Vin Diesel has stated he almost went broke trying to finish Riddick. Well, I don’t love the fact he could have gone broke, just that he loves these movies so much he was willing to do anything to get this one made. The guy has a lot of heart and dedication, it’s a great thing to see.

There was not one moment of boredom as we watched Riddick. The actors did a fine job, the effects were mostly solid, and the creatures they showed were interesting…I also may have wanted one as a pet.


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