Rock Band DLC ending gives us a sad

So I look back at our Rock Band history

Rock Band DLC ending gives us a sad

For the past five years, every week, there has been new Rock Band DLC released. I’m sure by now that most of you know that string of releases have ended in April. It feels like the end of an era. So it got me thinking about how long I’ve been playing this game and it’s predecessors, and how there’s still a lot of songs I wish had been added.

Rock Band for me actually started back when Harmonix had created the first Guitar Hero game. I had a PS2, and cash to spend, so I thought “what the hell, this looks interesting, how hard can it be?”. Famous last words. I of course had no coordination at all and struggled getting through a song on easy. I got better, it was fun, though some of the bad covers kinda annoyed me.

I also picked up Guitar Hero 2, this time switching to my shiny new Xbox 360. Of course that also meant getting a new guitar controller, which I still have laying around somewhere. Still, fun was had, though it was really a solo experience. Only had one controller.

Welcome to Rock Band

Enter Rock Band. Having the entire band experience was really the next logical step, and turned the game from a “oh, that’s pretty neat” experience into the premier party game of our time. Four players at a time, singing and drums and guitar / bass all together, it was great! Though while I did take a stab at drums, and later keyboard with Rock Band 3, I pretty much stick with the guitar any time we play.

I bought this just after Lynn and I moved in together, and it sort of became a thing for us to play every weekend. Me on guitar, Amanda on the drums, and Lynn doing the singing. Great way to spend an evening.

Now you can play all the songs!

So with Rock Band came the promise of more song content through Rock Band DLC, and this was very exciting to me. No longer restricted to what was on the game disc, being able to build a library of music that I liked as it was released. And when Rock Band 2 came out and we could transfer all most of the music from the first game to the second, well that was brilliant. Everything all together, not having to remember which game which song was on. All together this let me build a decent music library of my favorite songs.

At this time I’m up to a little over 100 songs downloaded…I don’t even want to think about how much I’ve spent just on Rock Band DLC, not to mention the games themselves and peripherals. There are of course songs I wish had gotten added. I would have loved to have gotten some music from Cold, and more Staind too. Also, it was always my long shot hope to get the version of All Along the Watch Tower that was made for Battlestar Galactica.

It’s the end, but not really

Now that DLC is completed, we’ll still have fun playing the game and enjoying all the songs we’ve bought, and I think there’s still a couple that were released in the past few weeks that I want to download. There’s still going to be plenty of fun to be had with the content that’s been released already.

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