Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 1 Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal: Act 1 Usagi

Sailor Moon Crystal made it’s premiere this past weekend, and it was glorious! It evoked a mixture of nostalgia, and excitement for me.

The new series opens with Usagi having dreams of a Princess, and a Knight, something I think is a very meaningful touch that adds to the episode, and entire series. This is the story where Naru’s mom is having a big sale at their jewelry store. Little does anyone know this is all an evil plot to steal energy from humans, and to find a the legendary silver crystal.

The first episode is, of course, an introductory one. We meet Usagi/Sailor Moon, Luna, Usagi’s friends and family, Tuxedo Kamen, and we get a glimpse of the baddies from the Dark Kingdom.

The new anime style, which leans more towards the Sailor Moon manga art, was certainly a lot lovelier than the original TV series style, and the music was wonderful. The way the story played out was done very well, and it was more effective than the original anime.

I am very much looking forward to the rest of Sailor Moon Crystal. It brings back so many memories, while somehow being fresh and new. As was previously announced, this anime does stay very true to the original story in the manga, though the dreams Usagi is having is a new twist. At least this early, the dreams did happen in the manga, just a little later on.

If you haven’t seen it yet, the first episode is on Hulu!


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