Snack Review: D-Plus Hokkaido Cream Pastry Roll

Sweet bread goodness.

Snack Review: D-Plus Hokkaido Cream Pastry Roll

I found this at a local Japanese grocery store and was curious, so of course I had to give it a try.

I decided to cut it in half and share it with Amanda, mostly because I wanted another opinion on it, and we were about to sit down and have some tea so I thought it might be a nice treat.

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The bread was soft, I had expected it to have some sort of cream center, but it didn’t. I pulled off a piece, ate it, and was pleasantly surprised by the sweetness, and how tasty it was. I knew I had to have Ken try it as well, I offered it to him, he tried a small piece, then immediately went to grab the rest of the roll out of my hand. I ended up giving him half of my share, which wasn’t very big to begin with. Amanda was wise, and protected her portion from predators (me and Ken).

As you have probably figured out, this bread was a big hit with us, and I seriously regret buying only one roll. If the store wasn’t such a long distance away I’d head over there for more. Writing this post isn’t helping, it’s giving me a craving.

The sweetness wasn’t strong, and I’m having trouble placing the flavor, maybe custard like? You will just have to believe me when I say it was really good.

If you see this anywhere, and like sweetbreads, then do not pass it up.

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