Snack Review: Katjes Fred Ferkel

Pink fruity pig faces. Yum!

Snack Review: Katjes Fred Ferkel

Fred Ferkel are apparently a treat out of Germany. I found them on sale in the International isle of a local grocery store and decided I had to try them. I was drawn to it because of the cartoon pig on the bag, and the fact that the treats had been made into pink pig faces. I’m clearly 5 years old.

Opening the bag there’s a nice fruity smell. They have gummy ears, and the pink face was very flexible. Yes, I play with my food…I’m five, remember? Their site says it’s “softly whipped pink foam”, whatever that means. They are very chewy, and fun to eat. I’m not sure what it tasted like exactly, but it was ‘fruity’, and better than I expected. It borders on being too sweet, but not so much where I had a problem with it. But the sweetness (thankfully) limits how many I can eat.


If you like fruity flavored sweet things, and you see Katjes Fred Ferkel in your area, give them a try!

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