Snack Reviews Coming Soon

Snack Reviews Coming Soon

A new series that we’ll post once a week will be “Reviews“. We decided to make it a regular series because we’ve been doing a few of them recently. The reviews will vary, it might be about stores, tech, books, snacks, or anything geeky/nerdy.

One of the most frequent reviews we might be doing are snacks & beverages. Focusing on imported, unique, limited edition, seasonal and caffeinated snacks and drinks. Most of them should be geek and gamer snack related items. We do have a lot of upcoming ones that will be Japanese snack reviews.

It’s because of a recent explosion of imported, and interesting, snacks that appeared in our house and gave us the idea. I think we over did it (there’s some things missing from this pic)…

Snacks from Japan, England, Germany, and one from ThinkGeek

We hope you will enjoy our snack reviews!

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