Star Trek Into Darkness: The Downside

Just a few things that bothered us in the movie.

Star Trek Into Darkness: The Downside

As we mentioned in our spoiler free review, overall we enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness. It was a lot of fun, and we loved all the action. Plus, Benedict Cumberbatch was amazing. But, there were some things we were not happy with.

I’ve seen some people defend the scene where Carol Marcus (Alice Eve) is in her panties & bra. Usually saying that it’s not a big deal because we get to see Kirk shirtless, I’ve even heard that it was empowering for Marcus to strip down like that (this logic really baffled me).

Those excuses do not hold water. Why? Well, there’s the fact that they admitted that scene was simply in the movie because Damon Lindelof wanted to see the actress in her panties. That’s not empowering for the character, that’s a blatant abuse of power by Lindelof. If he wanted that to be in the movie so badly, then at least have it make some sort of sense.

The Kirk excuse is flimsy, we all know he likes the ladies. Basically, there was a very specific reason we saw him shirtless, and it was worked into the script in a manner where you didn’t think, “Well, that was random.” Carol Marcus walked onto an open shuttle, with Kirk, and used a flimsy excuse to strip down to her panties and bra. Then she just stands there posing. It was all so pointless.

Also, let’s not forget: We have seen other women with the same lack of clothes in both of the new Trek movies, we had no problem with those scenes because they wrote them into the script in a sensible manner. So even if they simply wanted to see a half naked Orion girl, at least there seemed to be a logical reason for it (she was fooling around with Kirk, and doing it in her own quarters).

On the character of Carol Marcus in general: Forgettable. Other than the annoying scream, and of course what we already discussed…

Carol Marcus in panties & bra. Just Cause

This is what her character will be remembered for. Good job?

The only other major female character, Uhura, does have a couple of decent scenes. We do like her character, and think Zoe Saldana is great. But let’s face it, a lot of her screen time is simply spent being Spock’s girlfriend. We have no problem that there’s a relationship there, and it’s fine if they want to spend time on it. But why does it have to be a majority of the focus when she is on screen? They did the same thing in the first movie, once it was revealed they were together. It gets old.

Finally…The “Khan scream”. The entire death scene felt like a bad parody, which was reinforced when Spock did the scream. It made us cringe. Also, it was pretty damn obvious they were going to save Kirk using Khan’s blood, they set that up early on. Are we really supposed to feel anything here?

We just expected more from a modern, re-imagined Star Trek. Such as more female characters (strong ones), and maybe have it be a lot less blatantly sexist. Also, would really love to see more of the ensemble cast.

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