Star Trek – U.S.S. Enterprise Poster by Mark Brayer

Something I picked up during Free Comic Book Day

Star Trek – U.S.S. Enterprise Poster by Mark Brayer

While Lynn and I were out for Free Comic Book Day, we stumbled upon a really great find. One of our local comic shops had a local artist in the store, by the name of Mark Brayer, who was selling his Star Trek artwork! Obviously this drew my attention, and I had to purchase one of the prints.

I ended up getting the print of the U.S.S. Enterprise, Constitution class, no bloody A, B, C, or D. The poster is gorgeous, and I’ve already got a frame ordered and on the way, so I can get this up on the wall ASAP. The view of the Enterprise flying over a planet is lovely, and the quality of the artwork really is great. However, I can’t really describe it too well, but hey, we’ve got these wonderful things called pictures! And I hear they’re worth a thousand of these word things.

Star Trek Enterprise Poster Full Size Artwork

Also, I was really surprised at the quality of the paper. According to the website, it’s 10pt acid-free cardstock. All I know is, it’s really thick, high quality feeling paper, so that makes me happy. The size is 16″ x 24″, so not quite normal poster size I think, but it wasn’t too hard to find a good frame on Amazon.

I was pretty torn between getting either the Enterprise, or the poster featuring the Klingon D7 Battlecruiser. Since I could only get one, I had to go with the Enterprise. There’s also a third piece featuring the Botany Bay that looks awesome as well.

Check out Mark Brayer’s artwork, including his three Star Trek pieces, over at his website:

Mark’s posters and other officially licensed Star Trek artwork is available at Bye Bye, Robot

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