Starwhal: Just the Tip (Kickstarter)

Retro epic narwhal battle in space!

Starwhal: Just the Tip (Kickstarter)

We recently had a ‘nerd night out‘, one of the things we did during that time was learn about, and played a little bit of a game called, Starwhal: Just the Tip.

It was actually quiet a lot of fun, the group we were with even had a Starwhal Tournament. I lost immediately, but Ken went on to be one of the final contenders…Then he lost, and missed out on a cool prize.

In this game you can flop it out with 2-4 players in a retro, epic narwhal battle in space! Sounds awesome, right? Cause it is!

Update: The game has been funded! Early release on Steam February 17, 2014. The game will eventually be releasing on PC/Mac/Linux. Then consoles like Wii U, PS4, and they hope Xbox One.

Head over and play the demo on their site, and consider funding them on their kickstarter!

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