The Dresden Files TV Series

Wizard for hire.

The Dresden Files TV Series

We recently finished re-watching The Dresden Files TV series. We originally saw some of it when it first aired on Sci-fi, and then watched it all the way through a few years ago, when we bought it on DVD. But it’s been awhile, so we thought we should check out the show again.

If you’re not familiar with the books or the show, I offer this brief description: Harry Dresden is a wizard for hire, sometimes he works along side the Chicago P.D. to help them solve unusual cases. He’s always getting himself into trouble, and has plenty of adventures.

I’ve heard so many people complain about the show, mostly about how it didn’t accurately follow the books, and Bob wasn’t a talking skull, and about how Murphy looked different, and her first named had been changed, etc. We are huge fans of the Dresden Files book series, and didn’t have many problems with the show. Now, on to a couple of those issues that other people have…

Character Changes:

Dresden Files: Valerie Cruz

Murphy – Her name needed to be changed because there was a real police officer on Chicago P.D. with the name Karyn Murphy. Not a big deal, at least in my opinion. It’s just the first name, one we don’t even hear much. As far as the way she looks, that was a casting decision because they felt that Valerie Cruz was a better choice for the roll, based on her acting. At first it kind of bothered me, because I’ve always had Murphy in my head as this petite blonde, but then it turned out that I like Cruz as Murphy, and the difference in appearance was no longer an issue. She’s still spunky, and a bad ass, also an occasional stickler.


Dresden Files: Terrence Mann

Bob – He’s still cranky, and snarky. We know him in the books as a spirit glowing inside of a skull. That’s fine for the books, but I can’t image that on the show. All the scenes they do, and the way it plays out, I’m perfectly fine with Bob the Skull, being Bob the Ghost. I liked it, and am pretty sure the talking skull would not have played out as well on the TV screen. They wanted him to be a mentor type character that Harry cared about. It would be kind of hard for us to believe that when he’s always chatting up a skull. Also, as I understand it, having Dresden talking to a skull didn’t go over well with test audiences, and that makes sense to me.


Things I Would Change in the TV Show:

Ditch the hockey stick and drumstick, those were just silly. The guy isn’t exactly hiding the fact that he’s a wizard, so I don’t see the point in replacing items like a staff and wand. The staff in the books is kind of awesome, and should have been on screen. Not having the duster wasn’t a big deal, but at the same time I feel like it’s such a huge part of Dresden’s image that I do wish it was in the show. Also, I really would have liked McAnally’s Pub, and Mac (of course) in the show.

My Thoughts:

Those issues aside, I really do like The Dresden Files TV series. I thought the stories were good, and I liked the characters. Sure, there are a few things I would change, and the show wasn’t perfect (for reasons that had nothing to do with differences from the books), but it didn’t have time to improve, evolve, and get “comfortable”. I really wish it could have lasted longer.

If you’ve read the books, but haven’t seen the show, just don’t compare the two. If you just relax, and watch the show with an open mind, you might find that you actually enjoy it for what it is. If you’ve never seen the show, or read the books…WHY?! You have a lot of catching up to do, now get to it…

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