The Hunger Games (Movie)

Those starving people sure look well fed. Just saying.

The Hunger Games (Movie)

Recently I decided that I should read The Hunger Games, and I wasn’t impressed. So of course when I saw that the movie was streaming on Netflix I wanted to watch it.

This isn’t exactly a review, just a couple of thoughts on the movie. One of my main problems with the book was Katniss, and the fact the whole story was trough her eyes. I found her dull, and kept wishing her dead. The movie version of Katniss was a bit more likable, sometimes, but I still wasn’t impressed with her.

Then there was Peeta…What the hell were they thinking? The actor was bad, and he just looked (for lack of a better word) dopey. There had to be a better actor to fill this roll, why did this kid get the job? I had trouble believing the so-called romance between him and Katniss in the book, and it was worse in the movie. I think what made it so cringe worthy was the terrible acting by ‘lover-boy’. If you read the book, then you know his feelings for her are supposed to be real, but she is just playing a part for the cameras. Yet somehow in the movie she was more convincing than he was.

One of my friends on twitter pointed me in the direction of Honest Trailers. They basically covered everything I was thinking…

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