The Quest for the Ring of Barahir Replica

Searching for a decent replica of the Ring of Barahir, Aragorn's ring.

The Quest for the Ring of Barahir Replica

We’ve been watching Lord of the Rings again lately. Every time we do, Lynn and I tend to get a bit obsessive about it. We both start wanting to play every LOTR game, I start spending lots of time flipping through the wiki, and of course, we always look through all the prop replica merchandise sites.

This time though, I’ve decided it’s time to do something about our obsession. I’m going to be purchasing two rings, one for each of us. No, not that ring, that would be too obvious for me. I want to pick up a Ring of Barahir (Aragorn’s ring) for myself, and an Nenya, Ring of Adamant for Lynn.

The problem it seems, especially for the Ring of Barahir, is finding one that actually matches what was used in the films. For the life of me, I can’t find anyone selling one that is quite right. Even WETA, you know WETA, they made pretty much everything in the films, they have a version of the ring, but it’s WAY freaking off, it’s ridiculous!

For example, here’s a bit of comparison.

Ring of Barahir - Fellowship of the Ring

Ring of Barahir – Fellowship of the Ring

Here you see Aragorn’s ring, screencapped from Fellowship. Note the gold, and where it is on the ring. Next, one of the few replicas, that seem to be around.






Noble Collection's Ring of Barahir Replica

Noble Collection’s Ring of Barahir Replica

This is the Noble Collection Ring of Barahir. It actually seems to be a lot more ornate and detailed than the screen-used version. I suppose that can just be due to the movie version wasn’t really going to be seen in a lot of detail, though there were a couple pretty close shots of it. That’s not what really bugs me, it’s the placement of the gold bits that annoys me. They’re no where near where they are supposed to be. I’ve also heard from people that have purchased this ring, that the gem is prone to falling out after a time, as it’s only glued in. So that’s a bit concerning to me.




Next up, Weta’s version. Now I’m sure you know that Weta is the group that actually did lots of the effects, props and such for the movies. One would think that when they make and sell a prop replica, it would be dead on. Well, one would be wrong.

Weta's Ring of Barahir - Aragorn's RingSo, where’s the gold? I mean, at all. It’s no where to be found on this. Also, it’s a solid ring, there isn’t the gaps that are supposed to be there in the front between the snake body and heads. Weta, I am dissapoint. If you’re gonna have this, and be more expensive than the third party version, be more accurate, that’s all I’m saying. The only thing I can figure is there might be some kind of licensing issue? But that doesn’t quite make sense to me either. I dunno.




So as I’m typing this, I’m still browsing around looking at websites, looking for more stuff about the ring. I actually just stumbled onto Apparently, they made all of the versions of The One Ring, and Elrond’s ring (Vilya) that were used in the movie. They didn’t make any other jewelry for the movies, however on their site they do have two versions of the Ring of Barahir that they would have made if they had the chance. They look pretty awesome, though of couse not screen-accurate in the slightest.

They’re also WAY outside of my price range. We’re talking 3 – 5 thousand dollars for these rings.

Jens Hansen Ring of BarahirJens Hansen Ring of Barahir 2


I’m thinking I’m kinda stuck with going for the Noble Collection ring at this time, unless with The Hobbit coming out soon someone else starts to make more Lord of the Rings replicas.

Please, if you know of a version I’m missing, that would be even better than the Noble Collection version, and of course not go into the thousands of dollars price range, let us know!

Also, here’s a couple links to some forum threads for more reading on the topic.

UPDATE: So it’s been a year now, and so I thought I’d check in. I bought the Noble Collection Ring of Barahir a year ago, and I have to say it’s held up very well. I’ve worn this thing just about every day for a year now and it’s still in great condition. I’ve had no issues with the gem falling out, no issues of any kind really. I’ve been very happy with the purchase and if you’re looking for a ring for yourself, the Noble Collection one is the one I’d go with.

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