The Weirding Willows – Graphic Novel

Vol 1. What the Wild Things Are

The Weirding Willows – Graphic Novel

On July 1st Titan Comics will release The Weirding Willows Vol.1, written by Dave Elliot, and illustrated by Barnaby Bagenda.

When she was nine, Alice discovered a portal to another world, a world called Wonderland. But Wonderland isn’t the only world connected to the Wild Woods, a dimensional nexus that Alice spent her childhood exploring. It’s a strange, magical place where Earth, Wonderland, OZ, Neverland, Mars, Pellucidar, and Elysium collide – and where anything can happen!

Just a few things you will find in this volume; talking rabbits, Frankenstein’s Monster, a rampaging purple T-Rex, Mowgli, and a werewolf, to name a few.

In this series Alice is 18, living with her father, Doctor Philippe Moreau. Doctor Moreau, as you probably imagined with a name like that, is basically a mad scientist. Alice is not quite the girl you may remember, this Alice is flippant, and has learned to dissociate herself from her fathers work.

Our Thoughts:

This is an entertaining trip to other worlds, with characters I remember from stories I read in my childhood. In this story those characters are mostly different than I remember, and wonderfully so.

The Weirding Willows has become one of my favorite comics. I love the way Dave Elliot has woven together these worlds, and characters, into a story together. It’s truly a magical, epic, adventure, and you should come along for the ride!

the weirding willows cover
Disclosure: We received this copy from Titan Books for review purposes.

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