This Week in Geek: KHAN!

This Week in Geek: KHAN!

This Week in Geek is a new series on our site that will focus on brief summaries of a few geek related things that grabbed our attention during the past week.


Community finally came back with it’s 4th season! Did you tune in? We missed it, but have heard some mixed reviews, some people are saying that it felt forced.

This week brought us the sad news that “Buffy” actor Robin Sachs, ‘Ethan Rayne’, passed away at the age of 61.


Did the Entertainment Weekly site reveal a possible spoiler about the Star Trek Into Darkness villain? As we mentioned in a previous post, they had a recent cover featuring Pine and Cumberbatch listed as “Kirk & Khan“.


Dead Space 3 was released on 2/5, who’s playing? We don’t have it, but we’re interested in it, and curious as to how everyone is liking it. So far we’ve been hearing a lot of good things!


Dark Horse Comics released issue #4 of the Willow – Wonderland comic this week. Gotta love red headed witches! I love the Buffy series and all the spin offs, but Willow has always been a favorite character of mine. (~Lynn)

DC Collectibles revealed their upcoming action figure, Injustice Harley Quinn! I feel like she could have been made better, but maybe this isn’t finalized. And there’s a new Superman Statue for sale.

Internet Sensation:

By now you should have heard about, and seen Sweet Brown, “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That!“, but have you seen her dentist commercial?

Of course there were other things that happened in the geek world this week, but we’re being random here. It’s what we do.

There was also this little thing called the Superbowl recently, which isn’t geeky, but the lights went out, which means the internet gives us things like this:


We do love Doctor Who references.

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