This Week in Geek: Movie & Video Game Trailers

This Week in Geek: Movie & Video Game Trailers

We’ve been neglecting This Week in Geek recently, but we’re back with some movie and video game trailers that were released this week, and other geeky tidbits as well.

Movies & TV:

Paul Rudd has been confirmed as Ant-Man. I love him, so this casting choice has me looking forward to seeing a movie that I haven’t really been too excited about.

We got a few movie trailers this week, including Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (release:7/11/2014)and How to Train Your Dragon 2 (release:6/13/2014).

Let’s not forget about TV, we got a short trailer for Doctor Who, The Time of the Doctor. We can’t wait to see how everything goes down in the Christmas special.


Nintendo relesed a teaser trailer for a new Zelda game, Hyrule Warriors

I also wanted to post a couple more trailers released from Nintendo this week, Yoshi’s New Island teaser trailer, and a Mario Kart 8 trailer…

Geek Toys:


You know we love our geeky toys, and I’ve started becoming a fan of those Vinyl Pop Figures from Funko. Well, this week they had some announcements that were of interest to me…

Upcoming releases include: Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV Series Pop! and TV Series Re-Action Figures. As well as Firefly Legacy (late 2014), Firefly Pop! and Firefly Re-Action figures (spring 2014).

And I thought I was excited when they made the Blizzard figures, I seriously can’t wait for all the Whedonverse stuff!

Random Geekery:

“Geek” was chosen as word of the year. The amusing thing is, there are many definitions of the word geek, and it just keeps evolving. Currently, and I think the most acceptable, is that it describes anyone who is knowledgeable, and enthusiastic, about any given subject.


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