This Week in Geek: Remembering Alan Rickman

This Week in Geek: Remembering Alan Rickman

The biggest news this week was the death of an amazing actor and man, Alan Rickman. That news followed only four days after we learned that we lost another great talent, David Bowie. Both were 69, and had lost their battle with cancer.

To be honest, I have no idea what else happened this week in the geek world. I was truly devastated to learn of Alan Rickman’s passing.

The first time I remember seeing Alan Rickman was in Die Hard, and he was a highlight of the movie Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves. Of course he become well known all over the world for his role as Professor Snape in the Harry Potter movies, and he was also in another of my favorite movies, Galaxy Quest. I’ve always enjoyed his work, and thought we had many more years to see his brilliance on screen.

It’s very rare for a celebrity death to affect me. Of course I will feel sad to have lost an actor who’s work I enjoyed, and feel badly for the loss their family has suffered. Somehow Alan Rickaman’s death tore me apart a bit, and has affected me deeper than the loss of other celebrities. There was just something about him, aside from being an amazing actor and human, he seemed to hold a place in my heart. This is truly a great, unexpected, loss of a wonderfully talented man.

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