Top 5 Cult Science Fiction Shows

Our Favorite Cult Sci-Fi Shows

Top 5 Cult Science Fiction Shows

This list of the top 5 cult science fiction shows wasn’t easy to narrow down, but we wanted to do a short list. The next difficult step…Putting them in numerical order.

5. Firefly – This show ended up being a huge hit with fans, it kept growing, and is still gaining more fans to this day. Even though it’s been off the air for 10 years, and has only 14 episodes (and a movie).

4. Babylon 5 – Great show, and one it seems a lot of people are not familiar with. If you can find it streaming anywhere check it out.

3. Classic Doctor Who – There was a time, here in the States, back in the 70s and 80s when Doctor Who was not a well known show. As a child I watched it, no one knew what it was, and I would get picked on for liking a “weird show on PBS”. These days everyone seems to know what it is (at least the new stuff), and it’s clearly a lot more acceptable to like it.

2. Farscape – One of our favorite series, and it’s often overlooked. Great cast of characters, and interesting stories. Like many cancelled sci-fi shows, it continues on in graphic novel form.

1. Star Trek – This comes in at #1 because it was so ahead of it’s time, and “normal” people simply didn’t get it back in the 60s. Then it eventually spawned movies, and new TV series. It’s still alive, and going strong today.

What are your favorite cult science fiction shows?

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