Top 5 Favorite Pokemon

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Top 5 Favorite Pokemon

Now I have to say  it was really hard to narrow it down to 5. I have so many favorites for 1st gen up to 5th gen, but here are a couple that I picked out of maybe, I`m not sure, 50 favorites? Give or take, but here are the top 5.

5. Glaceon/Leafeon

This one was a tie, I could not pick so there both in 5th place and I really love them. The grass type is so cute, and I love the ice type its so pretty. I have them on my 5th gen team and I just love them.

4. Houndoom

I really love its typing with it being dark/fire. It’s the only typing in the game for some reason, and I really like how it looks its like a demon dog with its horns and devil tail.

3. Absol

I love the dark types and Absol is my absolute favorite of them all. I`m really glad for gen.6 they made a Mega Evolution for this Pokemon, I just hope there will be a pre-evolution for it someday.

2. Pikachu

First and foremost beloved Pokemon since gen1, when it all started. Who doesn’t love this cutie? This chubby little mouse who`s been Pokemon`s icon for years and has been my buddy through out time, and is my best teammate in my gen1 games replaying or continuing.

1. Flareon

I deeply love all the eeveelutions, but my most beloved one is the fire type Flareon. It upsets me  when people don`t seem to use it at much as the others, or just say its the worse eeveelution, but stuff like that won`t change my love for this fire type.

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