Top 5 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movie Soundtracks

Top 5 Sci-Fi & Fantasy Movie Soundtracks

If you follow our blog, then you may have noticed that we love soundtracks, and we have a thing for ‘Top 5’ lists. So of course we wanted to compile a list of our Top 5 Movie Soundtracks. It was the logical thing to do. 

I really do have a hard time with these “Top 5” lists, it’s always so hard to narrow it down, so I usually just go with what I listen to the most, and what resonates with me.

Pirates of the Caribbean (all)
Hans Zimmerman makes some piratey magic for these movie soundtracks, and we love it. A lot of these tracks are on my playlist for when I’m working.

Star Wars (all)
Classic science fiction soundtracks, by John Williams, they always takes me back to my childhood. Also, I may not have been a big fan of episodes 1-3 (movies), but I am a fan of the music.

Star Trek (Wrath of Khan and Search for Spock)
James Horner did a great job of capturing the feeling of Star Trek, but we also love the original motion picture soundtrack, and pretty much anything Jerry Goldsmith has done.

Harry Potter (all)
I felt the music for these movies always set the mood perfectly. That will happen when you have John Williams as a composer, I always love his work.

Lord of the Rings (all)
Some of my favorite music is on these soundtracks, and I’ve listened to them over and over again. I find the music inspiring, and I often listen to it when I’m working, or when I’ve had a tough day and need to relax. All the soundtracks perfectly fit the epic movie trilogy.

In thinking about it, this list probably should have been about who my favorite composers are, that might have been easier to compile. Maybe?

What are your favorite soundtracks, or who are your favorite composers?

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