Top 5 TV Show Theme Songs

Top 5 TV Show Theme Songs

We’re always listening to soundtracks from TV Shows (as well as from movies, and games), I honestly think soundtracks make up most of our music collection. So with that in mind we decided to put together a list featuring our top 5 TV Show theme songs. I thought this would be an easy task, it wasn’t.

Babylon 5
The opening music changed from season to season, to reflect the mood and the state of the story. Season 4 would have to be our favorite, though we love them all.

Doctor Who
The theme song changes slightly every now and then, but it remains basically the same. I almost always love it.

Battlestar Galactica (original theme)
The theme for the original series was kind of epic, at least in my opinion. I also love the theme for the new series, but decided I had to pick only one for this list, and the original won by default.

Star Trek: TNG (and most other Star Trek series)
We love Trek, and the music is almost always great (sometimes not so great *cough*Enterprise*cough*).

Game of Thrones
Such a truly epic theme, for a truly epic show!

Honorable Mention: Psych – “I Know You Know”
It’s a fun song, and after all these seasons I still love it. Plus, I love how they change it up, depending on what’s happening in certain episodes (Spanish, Hindi, a capella, etc. Click the link above to listen to all the openings).

You may have noticed our list is mostly made up of science fiction shows. That can’t be helped, it’s our favorite genre. What are your favorite TV Show theme songs?

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