Toy Review: Supernatural Funko Pop!

Toy Review: Supernatural Funko Pop!

When Funko Pop! came out with Sam and Dean Winchester, and Castiel vinyl pops I was super excited, and of course I just had to collect them!

Looking at all my Pop! figures I really can’t find much, if anything, to complain about. They’re simply adorable, and, even when Funko reuses a body, there are changes, and ‘character’ added to it so it will represent that specific Pop. Which is what brings me to my disappointment with Sam & Dean.

The only thing they did to alter the body portion was to change the colors of their shirts. I know they have done this same thing for figures in the past, but this is a bit different, because these 2 figures go together, so it’s simply a lot more noticeable. Same clothes, and same dagger. But, even though I’m complaining about that, I absolutely adore my Sam and Dean Funko Pops!


Small flaws with the paint job on Sams back, one spot looks like it’s been scraped off a little, and there’s a random spot of light blue. Also, he’s wobbly. It’s a bit annoying, because I have them on my desk, and occasionally the desk gets bumped, and Sam falls (no, this is not how the paint on his back got scraped, that was there when I first opened him).


There is a nice little detail that they added, one I almost didn’t even notice. If you look at his right hand you will see they painted a silver ring on one of his fingers. Nice touch (even though I think it’s the wrong finger)! I would have much prefer Dean was holding a gun, instead of a knife.


I’m pretty sure they reused Nick Fury’s body for Cas, which is fine, that simply means the trench-coat isn’t really accurate. I think the painted on tie looks a little cheesy, but I’m actually OK with it.


Putting aside the small imperfections, overall, I love all three of these Funko Pop! vinyl figures, and I am happy to have them in my collection!


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