Virtual Walk App

Sometimes music isn't enough.

Virtual Walk App

I’ve been trying to get healthy again, and at one point that lead to a post on here called Healthy Snacks for Gaming. I wanted to find better ways of eating, especially on gaming nights, that didn’t take a lot of time to prepare. At that time I also downloaded the My Fitness Pal app which has been helpful.

But here’s another problem, sometimes I feel like all I do is sit on my butt; playing games, writing blog posts, and doing my part-time social media job. Clearly not getting enough exercise.

There was time when I would get a lot of my physical activity from taking walks, it helped a lot in keeping in shape. I loved walking, clearing my head, getting fresh air, checking out the scenery. That was before I moved to Indy, back home there were so many places to walk around, so many things to see, that I never got bored. Unfortunately, I don’t have that here. The problem is the area I live in, the only thing around here are houses. Yay? It gets old. Fast. Which means I have zero motivation for getting up and moving.

I’m not exactly making money working on my own site, and my other job is only part time. This means I’m broke. So I decided to look for free fitness apps that might make my walks more interesting, that’s when I discovered Virtual Walk.

The Virtual Walk app isn’t as exciting as something like ‘Zombies, Run!’, but it’s free, and does what I need it to, at least for now. It makes my walks a little less boring, gives me a goal, and something to look at while I’m listening to my music.

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