Watching: Arrow

Destiny leaves its mark

Watching: Arrow

Season one of Arrow is now streaming on Netflix, so I decided I should try watching it. I had originally checked it out when it first premiered in 2012, but I had trouble getting into it.

Last year, even though I felt bored by it, I managed to make it through the first episode. My hope was that the show would get better, so I started to watch the second episode, but I was still not feeling it, so about half way through I decided to stop watching. I had intended to go back and finish it, but by the time the mood stuck me the first 4 (maybe 5) episodes were gone from Hulu, and I didn’t want to pick it up at a random point in the show.

So now here I am, about a year later, giving it another shot, and having the exact same reaction I did back then. Arrow seems to be lacking something for me. Some of the so-called drama is just too much like a soap opera (I hate soap operas), and the writing can be pretty bad. As I move forward in the show I find I’m mostly annoyed by Oliver’s family, and his ex-girlfriend, that’s when I start to tune it out. It really needs more action, and seriously needs to lay off all the snooze worthy family drama.

One of the things that really irritated me was Oliver’s mom forcing a bodyguard on her ADULT son, to the point he can have no privacy…While his underage sister parties, and does whatever she wants. It’s all so ridiculous. Here’s an idea, maybe he can move away from his crazy family, tell his overbearing mom to f*&# off, and stop seeing the annoying ex.

I’m about 7 episodes through the first season, and I do like some things about the show, even though I am annoyed by other things. I think it has potential, so I will keep watching to see where it goes.

If you already watch the series, let me know what you like, or don’t like, about it!


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