Watching: ReBoot

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Watching: ReBoot

I’ve decided to start re-watching one of my favorite shows, ReBoot. If you already know what this show is, then I love you forever. If not, you missed out on awesomeness that was before it’s time.

ReBoot premiered in 1994, it aired Saturday mornings on ABC, at least until they canceled it. But Canada was lucky and they still had it on YTV for awhile, even getting a 3rd season, thanks to fans pushing for it. Then in the late 90s Cartoon Network picked it up for their Toonami lineup. That was when I first got to see season 3, and it lead to a season 4 (or 2 movies, depending on where you live). It’s been a long time since I’ve watched it, so my description of the show may be kind of sloppy…

ReBoot takes place in a system called Mainframe, the occupants are mostly Binomes, as a vast majority of the humanoid looking Sprites were nullified in the sister city, known as Lost Angles. There are Viruses that also take on humanoid form inside the computer,  seeking to infect and take over systems. Sprites, called Guardians, mend system tears, and fight viruses. They follow the Guardian code: “To Mend and Defend”.

The main characters (at first) are; Bob the Guardian, business woman Dot Matrix, her little brother Enzo, and there’s an old wise sprite, Phong, he serves as the system administrator. Let’s not forget our main villain, the virus Megabyte. His voice is AWESOME, but that’s beside the point.

By the end of the second season the show starts to get really interesting, and by third season it doesn’t seem like a kids show anymore, and just gets even more awesome.

One of the things I have always loved about ReBoot were all the pop culture references. In season 3 they actually got D.C. Fontana to write an episode called, “Where No Sprite Has Gone Before”. Yep, Star Trek references all over the place, also, there’s Superheroes.

Amanda will be watching ReBoot with me, and as we rewatch I will be paying attention to references, and anything else I think is interesting. I’m sure that will eventually lead to another post about ReBoot.

Netflix is streaming the first 2 seasons, so if you have the service then go check out ReBoot!

ReBoot Cast

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