Watching: The Neighbors

I knew there was something odd about gated communities.

Watching: The Neighbors

The other night I wasn’t feeling so well, when that happens I usually zone out on the couch and watch some random show. As I was browsing Hulu I discovered a show called “The Neighbors“. It’s a half hour comedy that premiered on ABC in September 2012.


The Weavers, a family from New Jersey, moves into a gated community. They immediately notice that all their new neighbors are a bit odd, then soon learn that all the other residents in the community are aliens.

The aliens came to earth 10 years ago, from Zabvron, to find out if our planet was suitable for their kind to live on. The whole time they have kept themselves isolated in the Hidden Hills gated community, never venturing out, or having any contact with humans. Until one of their kind decided they were leaving, and returned to their home planet. That’s when the Weavers move in.

My Thoughts:

We’ve only seen a few episodes, but so far we’re enjoying it. There’s the Weavers struggling to accept the fact their neighbors are aliens, and the aliens trying to understand human culture. It’s fun to watch, and is pretty amusing. I wish I had found it sooner, but I’m looking forward to checking out the rest of it. I’m surprised that we never heard of this show, are we alone in having no clue this existed?

The Neighbors group

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