Xbox One Revealed

The Xbox One has piqued my interest a bit

Xbox One Revealed

This reveal felt very much like a bit of a teaser to me. Sure they showed the console (within about 5 minutes…you see that Sony?!), they didn’t go into a whole lot of the details, especially when it came to the games. Though if you think about it, we all know there’s going to be a huge leap in game graphics, and all that, that goes without saying, so they just didn’t say it then. I’m sure we’ll get a lot more on that front at E3. So it does kinda make sense that they focused more on what the box does beyond just gaming.

Though why does it have to look like a big chunky VCR? I keep expecting a flashing 12:00 in the middle to show up.

Give Me My Space

I always prefer to be able to add or swap out storage space on my devices. That’s why I always go for a phone that can fit an SD Card. The XBox One will have a 500 GB hard drive that’s non-removable, but it will also have three USB 3.0 ports for adding external storage. I think I can live with that. 500 GB should be a decent amount of space for me, though I wonder if there’s specific drives that I’d have to purchase for addons, or if I could just slap on any USB 3.0 hard drive.


Xbox One Kinect Sensor

I never purchased a Kinect for my 360, but it looks like if I pick up the Xbox One, I’ll be getting a Kinect. Every Xbox One will come with a Kinect, and the console actually won’t run without Kinect plugged in. Apparently the quality of the Kinect has been improved as well.

I have to say I’ve been interested in Kinect in the past, but I’ve never seen anything that made me have to buy it. Here’s hoping we get some games that really take advantage of the device in cool and different ways. By that I mean, something other than a dance game. Please. Pretty please.

Voice Commanded

Xbox One Controller

And if you don’t feel like talking to your Xbox, here’s the new controller!

I have to say, I was very impressed with how well the voice recognition controls worked. Of course, this was an on stage demo, so who knows if it’ll be the same in the living room, but it sure looked cool, and there wasn’t much in the way of lag. I’ll be very interested to see if it really is as accurate and responsive as they showed.

Though I keep having this scenario in my head of a someone deep into playing their game, and someone else just walks in the room and says “Xbox Off”. Although, the box apparently will save and restart your game at any point, so I’d bet if that did happen, it would just save and shut down and you could get right back to it.

Used Games

While this doesn’t affect me personally, as I never purchase used games, I’m not a fan of the “used game fee”. That just doesn’t seem right to me. If I’m purchasing something from some third party, who the hell is Microsoft to come in and say, “Nope, you’ve got to give us X amount of money before you can use that product that you purchased legally.”

Some people bring up Steam as an example of a gaming platform that doesn’t use used games, but there’s a big difference in my opinion between Steam, which is a game download / social service, and a video game console where I can go to Best Buy and pick up a physical disk to play the game.

So I was just now reading some more, and it appears that the used game fees are not actually set in stone, (according to this article on Polygon). So really it seems up in the air whether this is happening or not.

Xbox Live Gold Memberships

I do like how Xbox Gold Membership will carry over, though I honestly never thought otherwise, it didn’t even occur to me to wonder about that. However, they are making a bit of a change it seems, in that multiple user accounts can piggyback onto a single Gold Membership, basically meaning the Gold Membership is for the household, not the individual. I like this.

Xbox One Console

FInal Musings

So in the end, I’m very much interested, but at heart I am a PC gamer, and so it’s going to have to be something real special to get me to run out and buy one of these at launch. Obviously there’s still plenty of time so who knows what we’ll see down the line.

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