On YouTube: it’sGrace

On YouTube: it’sGrace

Grace Helbig is a pretty popular YouTube star, probably better known as ‘Daily Grace’. But now her relationship with My Damn Channel has come to an end, and unfortunately they own “Daily Grace”.

But Grace lives on, independently, on an old channel of hers that she has renamed “it’sGrace“. She will still be bring her cute, funny charm to viewers Monday-Friday. But she will have to change the format up a bit, because of the whole MDC thing, with them owning everything that was part of Daily Grace…except for Grace herself…obviously.

Her subscribers on her new(ish) channel have jumped up quiet a bit in the last few days, she went from over 200,000 (I forget exact number) to (when I just now looked) 400,638. It would be nice to see her get back to her Daily Grace number of subscribers (2,353,136), but she seems to be off to a great start.

So check out, and subscribe, to it’sGrace on YouTube! Don’t forget to check out our channel, it’s full of random geekery, and whatever else enters our minds. 

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