Indy Pop Con 2014: Day Two

Indy Pop Con 2014: Day Two

Day two of Indy Pop Con has come to an end, so we wanted to highlight a few things that happened today.

Celebrity Q&A’s

There were a few Q&A’s today; Kandyse McClure (Battlestar Galactica), she was adorable, and very charming! Game of Thrones, with Kristian Narin and Esme Bianco, Ron Glass (Barney Miller, Firefly), such a nice guy! Lastly there was a Sylvester McCoy Q&A, he roamed the floor answering questions, he’s an entertaining story teller.

We will have separate posts on a couple of those Q&As once we go through all our recordings.


Saturday is always the busiest day of a convention, so it’s the perfect day for a cosplay contest. There certainly was a lot of cosplayers/costumers to see, unfortunately I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked. But we do have some, and will have a separate post featuring those real soon!


Today Lynn decided to get her Buffy season 10 #3 comic signed by Nicholas Brendon (he is one of the writers). He seemed quite happy to see the comic, apparently not many people have brought it up to him. If you can find at a local comic shop, pick it up, and have Nicholas sign it! He also gives hugs, according to Lynn it was the best hug ever.

nick & lynn

After the hug, Lynn was swooning.


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