Pilot Rewatch: Merlin

In a land of myth, and a time of magic....

Pilot Rewatch: Merlin

Merlin – The Dragon’s Call

Season 1, Episode 1 – Original air date: 9/20/2008

We recently finished watching the BBC series Merlin, and when a series I love comes to an end it makes me feel a bit down, so I decided to go back to where it all began. 

This show takes a different twist than what most people are familiar with, and changes quite a bit of the story. It’s been said that Merlin was inspired by Smallville, in the sense that it goes back to the early years of our heroes, before they made names for themselves .


Merlin is the type who just wants to do the right thing all the time, and of course he’s a warlock, so has magic abilities. Abilities he has to keep secret because the King, Uther Pendragon, has banned magic in Camelot. The only one Merlin can confide in is Gaius, the old Court Physician, his mentor. In this series the young warlock meets the arrogant Prince Arthur, who’s life he saves, with the use of magic (which of course, no one can know). He ends up being Arthur’s man servant, and along the way he meets many other’s; Such as Morgana, who starts out the series as a nice person, who happens to be suffering from nightmares. Then there’s Gwen, she’s Morgana’s maid. Another of Merlin’s encounters will be with The Dragon (voiced by John Hurt), who is held captive by Uther.

Uther on Merlin

“Off with his head!” (OK, maybe not what he said). This is Uther, doing king type stuff.


Old witch vowing vengeance on Uther, for her son’s death.

Arthur and Merlin

Merlin and Arthur meet. At this point Merlin thinks Arthur is simply an arrogant knight.

Merlin & Gwen

After getting being rude to the prince, Merlin is put in the stocks & pelted with rotten veggies. This is where he meets Gwen.

Merlin The Dragon

The Dragon makes his first appearance.

This episode isn’t all about getting to know the main characters, there’s also the story line about that witch in one of the pictures above, she’s kind of bent on killing Arthur Pendragon. Who Merlin must protect, without anyone realizing that he’s using magic.

Notes of Interest:

It is BBC, so it’s not surprising. But, if you’ve already seen this episode, did you notice how many of the actors have been on Doctor Who? Colin Morgan (Season 4: Midnight), Angel Colby (Season 2: The Girl in the Fireplace), Anthony Head (Season 2: School Reunion), Richard Wilson (Season 1: The Doctor Dances & The Empty Child), John Hurt (Season 7: The Name of the Doctor & the 50th Anniversary), Eve Myles (Season 1: The Unquiet Dead, Season 4 episodes, The Stolen Earth & Journey’s End)

Of course you probably also know Anthony Head as Giles in Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

My Thoughts:

I know some people are put off when a series has a lot of young actors on it, but don’t let that stop you from watching this. I love the actors, and their characters. The stories can be so much fun to watch, but there is also some serious stuff as well.

It’s definitely a series worth checking out. It’s really one of my favorite shows, and I was sad when it came to an end. I want more!


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