TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

We will always mourn the early deaths of these awesome shows.

TV Shows Cancelled Too Soon

Some of these shows live on in comic form, or they came from a series of books, so at least we have that. Of course, that doesn’t change the fact we would have loved to see more of these shows.

Pushing Daisies – Such a quirky, fun show, we really enjoyed it. Very disappointed when it was cancelled.

Dead Like Me – At least one or two more seasons would have been nice. I originally started to watch this mainly because of Mandy Patinkin, stayed with it because I actually enjoyed the show.

Better Off Ted – We actually have not finished watching it, but we like it enough to know we will want more once we’re done. Plus, they had a Dalek in the background of an episode, that proves how awesome they are!

Legend of the Seeker – We all really enjoyed this show in our house, and 2 seasons were simply not enough. At least we have the books.

Firefly – This one is kind of a given, really goes without saying, because anyone who likes it wants more.

The Invisible Man – This was one of my favorite shows on Sci-fi, always looked forward to watching it, and still miss it.

Farscape – We just love this show so much, it’s a favorite of ours. It had a better run than other shows on our list, but it really needed at least one more season. I really can’t get enough Farscape.

ReBoot – I wish season 5 could have been made, back when Mainframe and the original creators were still a part of it. I wanted something to pick up directly where they left off on the season 4 cliffhanger. I appreciate the web comic (even though it fell far short of actually explain anything, and lacked the feel of the show), and also like that Rainmaker is/were willing to bring it back in a couple of movies, but that doesn’t seem to be happening.

Cancelled Before Their time

Honorary Mentions:

Babylon 5 – JMS rushed the 4th season thinking it was ending, then they got the 5th at the last minute. So we were kind of gypped.

Then there’s Quantum Leap, a show I almost didn’t watch when it first aired, then I caught it when they did “Quantum Leap Week”, and I became addicted. And then there’s another Scott Bakula show; Enterprise, which was cancelled right when it started to get really interesting.

So that’s our list of TV Shows cancelled too soon. I’m sure there are some other great shows out there that were cancelled before their time. I either forgot them, or just haven’t seen them. For example, I have not seen ‘Freaks and Geeks’ yet, but I’m pretty sure that when I do I will think it should have had more seasons.

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