The Avengers

Earth's mightiest heroes.

The Avengers

After spending the week watching all the tie in movies, we finally went to see The Avengers on Saturday and, no surprise here, we loved it!

We have no complaints about the movie, and so far the only negativity I’ve heard from some viewers is that it was not ‘in depth’ enough. It seems some people thought each character should have some serious, personal story going on, along with the main story of the movie. This makes no sense to me. First, we have the tie in movies for that. Second, it would be confusing, as the cast is simply too large, so there would be way too much going on.

My favorite scene was the one between the Hulk and Loki. If you’ve seen the movie then you should know what I’m talking about. If you haven’t seen it yet, when it happens, you will know what I’m talking about. Puny God. Speaking of the Hulk, I loved him in this movie, more than I did in his own movie.

Marvels The Avenger's Movie poster

Whedon alumni: By the end of the movie I realized that I had not seen Alexis Denisof anywhere. I wondered if his scene got cut, or if I somehow didn’t recognize him. Evidently I didn’t recognize him, seeing as he was that mysterious figure Loki had been talking to. It also turns out that Joss snuck another Whedonverse actor in there, Enver Gjokaj (Victor from Dollhouse). We noticed him as one of the cops that Captain America was giving orders to.

In case you have not heard this already, make sure to stay until the very end of the credits. There are 2 bonus scenes, the first one comes in the middle of the credits, and then there is an extra treat at the very end (this was recently filmed & added, so only the US release got it). I was pretty surprised that about 1/4 of the theater left before the first bonus scene, but then after that one it seemed like most of my fellow movies goers cleared out, there was only a handful of us who know to stay until the very end.

Here we are before going to the movie, we dressed appropriately:

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