What a Blockbuster (hah!)

Blockbuster has been making me laugh my ass off lately. I’m so sorry that things have been so crap for them recently, but it feels like it’s their own fault so much. I’ve had this real sense that they are just completely reluctant to wake up to the 21st century, and instead never want to change how they do business. And hey, you don’t update and change with the times, you go away, and Dawinism rears it’s ugly head.

Why didn’t they ever get in on the streaming game? I really can’t understand that. Can they not see this is where things are heading? I’ve recently started seeing a commercial for their Disc-by-Mail service, and it’s hilarious. They go on about how they’re so much better than Netflix because of the 28 day waiting period that Netflix is stuck with. Well big whoop. I still have to wait for a disc. I see something I want to watch on Netflix, I hit a button, and boom I’m watching it. Now let’s see, which is more convenient? It’s like Blockbuster is trying to pretend streaming doesn’t exist, and then they wonder why they’ve gone bankrupt.

Times; They are a changing.

I’m very curious to see what Dish Network is going to do with the Blockbuster property now that they’ve won the bankruptcy auction. I mean, it’s still a powerful brand name, you hear Blockbuster you automatically think movies. Now it needs to come in and actually catch up with the likes of Netflix and iTunes and Amazon.

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