Awesome Con Indy 2014 Overview

Awesome Con Indy 2014 Overview

Last weekend we were fortunate enough to attended Awesome Con in Indianapolis, IN. We love conventions, and couldn’t wait to see what this one had to offer.

Awesome Con has already been pretty well established in other states, but this was the events first time in Indiana. It was announced earlier in the year, and we were a little surprised to hear it would be this October, it seemed a bit rushed. Not to mention, we knew this one was intended to be a decent sized con, and it would be following right behind Indianapolis, Indiana’s largest convention; GenCon.

Granted, Gen Con is very gamer focused, so it is a vastly different con. But this year also brought us a few other new cons to the area. Earlier in the year there was the Indiana Comic Con (mostly comic focused, with celebrity guests), and a few months later, Indy Pop Con (General geek pop culture convention, with celebrity guests). We are suddenly flooded with cons, which can be awesome, but expensive. Most of us are on a budget, which means the more cons we have, the more picky we will have to be when deciding which ones to attend.

I have a reason for beginning this post with that information. Overall, I thought Awesome Con was actually pretty awesome. It was well managed, well organized, and it delivered exactly what they promised. The only downside was there seemed to be low attendance, and not many dealers in the exhibitors hall. Low attendance means suffering sales for artists, and vendors, and a loss of profit for the convention as well.

Awesome Con had a couple of great gaming rooms, one for table top, and one for video. There was a great selection of games to play, and we always seemed to find folks in there having a good time. Inside of the tabletop room we found the Millennium Falcon (for the Star Wars X-Wing miniatures game), and they had it at retail value. Much cheaper than we’ve been seeing it online, because the piece is currently hard to find. That alone made our day on Friday (first day of the con). There were also some interesting panels and workshops, and a fun kids area.

The celebrity guests were pretty amazing! A lot of folks wanted autographs, and photo ops. The Q&A’s were a lot of fun to attend, we managed to hit up a few of those. Including Michael Rosenbaum, who was a charming goofball, the Firefly one where Jewel Staite was simply adorable, and Alan Tudyk kept pulling out the most random things from his bag to give to fans asking questions, finally we hit up the Supernatural one with Mark Sheppard, who was amusingly sarcastic, and Sebastian Roche, who was a ball of energy… and even managed to get one fan to swear for the very first time!

We really did enjoy our time at Awesome Con, and wish we could have seen more people in attendance.

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